Astrapharm Company guarantees the quality, efficiency and safety of the products. To do this, we regularly monitor our customers’ reviews and collect information from pharmacists, consulting physicians, and consumers who deal with our products. Astrapharm pharmacovigilance meets the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 26.12.2006 No. 898 “On Approval of the Procedure for Supervision over Adverse Drug Reactions of Medicinal Products Permitted for Medical Use”.

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Pharmacovigilance is an important stage of drug quality control. It includes:

  • work on evaluating the effectiveness of the drug in clinical practice;
  • detection, elimination and prevention of adverse drug reactions to the drug;
  • detection of undesirable interactions with other drugs;
  • solving any problems related to the use of a certain drug.

Astrapharm takes the safety of manufactured drugs as the priority. Therefore, we are interested in a feedback from consumers and medical professionals. We strive to carefully study the incoming information, conduct the required scientific research to make the use of our products comfortable for you.

For qualitative assessment of reactions to drugs, we use the following terms:

  • Adverse drug reaction (ADR) — any negative and undesirable manifestation that occurs when taking the drug in the recommended doses.
  • Anticipated ADR is a reaction which severity and nature are specified in the instructions for the drug.
  • Unanticipated ADR is an undesirable reaction, the appearance and severity of which is not indicated in the instructions.
  • Serious ADR is an adverse reaction that results in a life-threatening situation, death of a patient, loss of ability to work, disability, urgent hospitalization, or an increase in the length of hospital stay. Treatment with the drug led to the development of congenital abnormalities or defects.
  • Non-serious ADR — any reaction to a drug that does not belong to the list of serious adverse reactions.
  • Lack of effectiveness of the drug — a situation when the drug did not affect the duration and course of the disease.
  • Interaction reactions — reactions associated with mutual influence on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of drugs taken by the patient simultaneously.
  • Manufacturer of a medicinal product — one or more legal entities that participated in the production of the drug at any stage, including packaging.
  • Suspect medication is a drug which administration is associated with the appearance of an adverse reaction based on cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Series number — 5-7 digits printed on the product packaging and indicating its series.

Our team includes a true professional who is responsible for pharmacovigilance —

Irina V. Shovkova.

You can contact her personally by sending an email:

or by making a phone call:

+380 (44) 239-08-99

We care about your privacy. Any personal information that you provide to us regarding the use of our products will not be disclosed without your consent. The exceptions are the cases stipulated by the legislation.