Our partners

Astrapharm has been working on the Ukrainian market for 17 years. We strive to meet high production standards and make a significant contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. During this period, we have formed partnerships with a number of Ukrainian and foreign companies. Our key partners are engaged in:

  • production and supply of raw materials for the production of medicines;
  • transportation and distribution of finished medicines;
  • retail sale of medicines and DS.

We work in close cooperation with clinical practitioners, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. Astrapharm applies the principles of honesty, transparency and the rule of law. We guarantee compliance with ethical standards and fulfillment of our obligations.

A large share of our partners includes companies that sign contracts with us for contract manufacturing. For them, we produce biologically active additives and preparations according to the composition specified in the contract at our production facilities. Today, more than a hundred companies from Ukraine and neighboring countries cooperate with us on contract manufacturing. We guarantee high quality and compliance with all production standards and requirements.

Astrapharm is engaged in the development and production of analogs of foreign drugs. We work with pharmaceutical specialists and clinical laboratories to present a high-quality and effective product on the market. We make sure that Ukrainian consumers get the best that pharmaceuticals can offer today.

We plan to enter the international market. Astrafarm Company is ready to present to the world community the drugs and dietary supplements that meet all modern requirements. We can compete with the best European products. Therefore, the Company is open to new agreements and is looking for foreign partners for long-term cooperation.

Our partners and companies receive the best service and financially profitable offers. We do not violate delivery and production deadlines and adhere to the necessary storage and transportation standards. We comply with all legal requirements in terms of organizing the production process and licensing of medicines. Cooperation with us is mutually beneficial and promising.

Наши партнеры