Our Company highlights

Astrapharm cares about the health of Ukrainians. We make high-quality medicines, which improve the quality of life, help to overcome the unpleasant symptoms of diseases and promote speedy recovery. Thanks to our drugs, treatment is becoming more accessible and more and more people can receive timely help.



Production of medicines

Production of medicines is the main direction of our activity. We deliver proven, effective and affordable medicines to the national market.

Our products are high quality and in demand in the market. Astrapharm medicines are safe, cause minimal side effects and must undergo the necessary clinical trials. We regularly master new modern technologies in the field of production of pharmacological drugs.

Our competence includes all stages of the process, we:

a drug composition
Purchase API
(active pharmaceutical ingredients) and excipients
Produce medicines according to all technological requirements
Do the product packaging, including the design of bottles and blisters

Production of dietary supplements (DS)

Given the importance and usefulness of natural ingredients in improving health and well-being, we are engaged in the development and production of dietary supplements. DS from our product range include only proven components with proven beneficial effects on the body.

Regular intake of our dietary supplements is an excellent prevention of diseases and contributes to health promotion. Every year we register and introduce new original dietary supplements into production.

Development of new medicines

Astrapharm is constantly developing new medical products and searching for innovative approaches to the treatment of the most socially significant diseases.

Our main areas:

Antibacterial <br/>agents
Medicines for diseases of the cardiovascular system
Medicines for diseases of the cardiovascular system
Stress and nervous system diseases prevention ways
Stress and nervous system diseases prevention ways
Treatment of <br/>gastrointestinal organs
Treatment of
gastrointestinal organs

Our own physical and chemical laboratory

We are constantly monitoring the quality of our products. Therefore, a licensed physical and chemical laboratory was opened on the enterprise. The employees interact with all production units and conduct the necessary research. Their competence includes:

  • Checking the quality of raw materials used.¬†Their compliance with the requirements of GOST and DSTU. Measuring humidity, density, concentration, and acidity levels.
  • Control of all stages of production. Intermediate checking of indicators and determining the correctness of the processes. Laboratory specialists conduct chromatographic studies and mass spectrometry.
  • Checking medicines. Study of compliance of the composition and physical properties stated in the instructions. Check for sterility, presence of harmful impurities, solubility.

Laboratory staff includes specialists in the field of chemistry and biochemistry, laboratory assistants of chemical analysis. Their control is indispensable for creating safe and effective medicines. Thanks to a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis, we deliver medicines and DS to the market in compliance with all standards.


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