Vinpocetine-Astrapharm is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cerebrovascular pathology

One person dies of a stroke every 4 minutes.
Every 2 seconds, this disease strikes a new victim, changing her normal life forever.

In the absence of effective prevention and proper treatment, the consequences of stroke significantly impair the quality of life not only of the patient but also of his loved ones. Cognitive, speech and emotional disorders, muscle spasticity and pain, which usually occur after a stroke, can lead to more serious complications and cause permanent disability.

For the timely prevention and treatment of various forms of cerebrovascular pathology, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm produces a tablet psychostimulant and nootropic drug – Vinpocetine-Astrapharm.

Vinpocetine has a complex mechanism of action:

  • stimulates cerebral metabolism;
  •  exhibits neuroprotective effects;
  •  selectively increases blood flow to the brain;
  •  improves the rheological properties of blood.

Such effects of Vinpocetine-Astrapharm prevent acute and chronic cerebrovascular disorders, reduce mental and neurological symptoms in people after stroke and return the patient to active life and work.

Today, on World Stroke Day, Astrapharm aims to remind what symptoms are characteristic of this disease and how to provide first aid.

A simple scheme of 5 main symptoms will help to recognize a stroke in your relatives or even a stranger in time:

  • Speech (speech is suddenly disturbed);
  • Face (facial asymmetry appears);
  •  Dizziness (or loss of balance);
  • Eyes (vision suddenly deteriorates);
  • Limbs (weakness or numbness).

If you notice at least one of these manifestations, especially against the background of uncontrolled hypertension, call 103 immediately! Every minute of delay reduces the chances of survival and recovery.

Remember that the medicine prescribed by your doctor to control your blood pressure must be taken daily. The line of antihypertensive drugs from Astrapharm includes:

  •  Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors: Lisinopril-Astrapharm, Enalapril-Astrapharm, Captopril;
  •  Selective calcium antagonists: Amplodipine-Astrapharm;
  •  Nethiazide diuretics: Indapamide-Astrapharm;
  •  Selective β-adrenoceptor blockers: Bisoprolol-Astrapharm, Atenolol-Astrapharm.

Vinpocetine-Astrapharm is available in the form of tablets containing 5 mg of vinpocetine.

The drug is used only on prescription and is available by prescription.

Astrapharm is the art of helping people!