Sonniks – a sleeping drug made by Astrapharm

The pharmaceutical company Astrapharm presented new OTC sleeping pills – Sonniks.

Sonniks is a soporific drug belonging to the class of ethanolamines from the group of histamine H1-receptor blockers, which contains 15 mg of doxylaminusuccinate – the active ingredient of the drug. Sonniks helps to fall asleep within 15-30 minutes after the oral ingestion and significantly reduces the likelihood of middle-of-the-night awakenings. In addition to a direct hypnotic effect, Sonniks has a sedative effect, eliminates periodic insomnia, reduces the time required for falling asleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep without affecting its structure and phases.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, people who sleep less than 7 hours per night are at an increased risk of the onset and exacerbation of chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, disruption of the immune system, mental health problems and depression.

There are several types of sleep disorders: excessive sleepiness, irregular rhythm sleep-wake disorder, sleepwalking and night terrors. However, the most common problem that almost everyone has encountered at least once in their life is insomnia.

To solve the problem of insomnia, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm produces the drug Sonniks. It ensures long and healthy sleep, improves working capacity and mood the next day. A lot of issues can cause insomnia, so doctor’s consultation is recommended.

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