Mucolteyka – a new expectorant made by Astrapharm

Astrapharm presented a new product for the treatment of dry and wet cough – Mucolteyka.

It consists of:

  • echinacea root extract – 100 mg;
  • althaea officinalis root extract – 50 mg;
  • vitamin C (in the form of sodium L-ascorbate) – 40 mg;
  • ginger extract – 20 mg;
  • zinc (in the form of zinc bisglycinate) – 5 mg and other excipients.

The dietary supplement helps to strengthen the body, increase immunity during seasonal colds, relieve dry and wet coughs, and also has expectorant properties.

Mucolteyka comes in tablets with a pleasant orange taste and it is recommended for use by adults and children over 4 years of age.

The dietary supplement should not replace complete meals.

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