Meteorological dependence rescue – Amigren Fito

The occurrence of headaches during weather changes is one of the most frequently reported weather-sensitive people`s complaints since about every 3rd inhabitant of temperate latitudes notices a deterioration of health due to changing weather conditions.

Aside from the headache, additional symptoms may occur, such as:

  • dizziness,
  • sleep disorders,
  • blood pressure changes,
  • decreased concentration,
  • nausea.

The harmonious combination of 4 natural components in the dietary supplement Amigren Fito made by Astrapharm is a natural solution to your headache:

  • dry Yerba mate leaf extract contains 1.8% caffeine, which relieves vasomotor headache and has a stimulating effect – eliminates general fatigue, improves concentration, normalizes sleep;
  • dry ginger root extract maintains the normal functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, soothes, improves brain function, as well as prevents the development of nausea and vomiting;
  • dry standardized licorice root extract relieves smooth muscles tension, inflammation, normalizes vascular permeability, and restores nerve cell nutrition;
  • dry lemon balm leaf extract has sedative, antispasmodic, antihypertensive, analgesic, antimicrobial, and antihistamine effects, prevents and reduces the severity of headache and migraine.

A significant advantage of Amigren Fito is the exclusively plant composition of the dietary supplement, which minimizes the likelihood of side effects.

Amigren Fito comes in capsules №30.

The dietary supplement should not replace complete meals.

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