Levofloxacin – a fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent made by Astrapharm

In 2009, the World Coalition Against Childhood Pneumonia dedicated November 12 as World Pneumonia Day.

On this day, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm seeks to remind about preventive measures and treatment of this serious disease.

Pneumonia is an acute infectious disease that affects the lung parenchyma, primarily the alveoli – tiny air sacs that during inflammation accumulate mucus and fluid, making it difficult to breathe.

Prevention of pneumonia includes adherence to the pneumococcal vaccination schedule, a balanced diet, regular physical activity, compliance to personal hygiene practices and timely treatment of other health problems.

If you have symptoms of pneumonia, such as fever (38-39 °C), sweating and shaking chills, chest pain, cough with mucopurulent (green) sputum, shortness of breath, you should immediately see your doctor – the only a physician can confirm or deny this diagnosis and prescribe appropriate therapy.

For the treatment of pneumonia, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm produces the antibacterial drug – Levofloxacin.

Levofloxacin-Astrapharm is a fluoroquinolone antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and atypical respiratory pathogens. The drug inhibits bacterial topoisomerase IV and DNA gyrase – enzymes required for DNA replication, transcription, repair and recombination.

Levofloxacin-Astrapharm comes in film-coated tablets, that contain 250 or 500 mg of levofloxacin.

The drug is dispensed on prescription only.

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