Biale Germin Forte – emergency probiotic for acute diarrhea

Modern treatment of bacterial infections is difficult to imagine without the use of antibacterial drugs. By disrupting the synthesis of the structural components of bacteria, antibiotics stop their reproduction and accelerate the recovery of patients. At the same time, such drugs have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract – they upset the balance of intestinal microflora, which leads to antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

To restore and maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm produces a dietary supplement Biale Germin Forte.

It contains at least 4х109 CFU spores of a multidrug-resistant strain of Bacillus clausii – a probiotic microorganism that restores the intestinal microflora, altered as a result of treatment with antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs. Biale Germin Forte also improves the condition of patients with situational acute diarrhea and intestinal infection due to bactericidal and immunomodulatory effects:

  • creates an acidic environment in the intestines;
  •  inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • activates cellular immunity.

Among the advantages of Biale Germin Forte:

  • сonvenience in application: 1 bottle – 1 time a day;
  •  no side effects;
  • practicality: the suspension is contained in high-quality plastic bottles which are convenient for transportation;
  • the possibility of using antibiotic therapy from the first day;
  • reasonable price for packing.

Biale Germin Forte is available in vials with an oral suspension of 5 ml №12.

The dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a complete diet.

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