Astrapharm joined the environmental battery recycling project

Already this fall, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm joined the all-Ukrainian movement “Batteries, give up!” The initiative aims to promote environmental awareness, reliable collection, and dispatch of used batteries.

It is known that one finger-type battery pollutes 16 m² of land and 400 liters of water with toxic substances (1). Only 4% of them are recycled properly, the rest are thrown into landfills, in the ground, or in the river and inevitably pollute the environment.

To protect Ukraine from toxic pollution, Astarapharm funded a collection of batteries with guaranteed recycling at the GreenWEEE plant in Romania. From now on, all employees can hand over batteries in special boxes that are located on the territory of the company. Each of them saves up to 8000 m² of land from irreversible pollution by heavy metals!

“The issue of recycling batteries in Ukraine is extremely topical. The lack of legislation and a unified battery collection system leads to significant environmental pollution and negatively affects the health of people. With this in mind, Astrafarm decided to join the project, which helps to stop the uncontrolled flow of toxic substances that pollute our land, ”notes Pavel Lukashevich, General Director of the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm.

Learn more about the Batteries, Give Up! you can visit the official website:
Together we will change the country for the better!

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