Astrapharm has set an ambitious goal to enter the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Ukraine until 2025


This year, in early September, in Bukovel (Ivano-Frankivsk region), a strategic session of Astrapharm managers was held.

As part of the 2-day work, the employees of the leading departments of the company worked out the “Development Strategy-2025” step by step under the leadership of Astrapharm CEO Pavel Lukashevich.

The main task was to analyze all the nuances of the complementarity of the enterprise and find a way to quickly transform the company in order to enter the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Ukraine until 2025.

During the session, a progressive team of like-minded people was able to:

• determine the reference points of complementarity;

• conduct a preliminary analysis of the existing problems and bottlenecks of the company;

• to determine the points of growth in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in the future for the next 4 years;

• highlight priority areas of activity;

• to develop a “Plan for Achievement-2025” of the outlined tasks and goals.

It is difficult to overestimate the relevance of the issues that were considered during the strategic session, because focusing on continuous improvement of production processes and increasing the professional knowledge of employees at all levels, the company contributes to improving the quality of predictive and medical care for Ukrainians.

In addition to actively working on the “Plan for Achievement-2025”, the friendly Astrafarm team successfully climbed the highest point in Ukraine – Mount Hoverlu (2061 m). The ascent was not easy, but teamwork, the support of colleagues, self-confidence helped each of the climbers, especially those who overcame the mountain challenge for the first time, to reach the cherished peak.

Thanks to the strategic session, all managers made their significant contribution to the development of the “Development Strategy 2025 and we are proud to have a close-knit team, where everyone is aware of their own responsibility for the predicted success of the company.

An active weekend in the Ukrainian Carpathians proves that Astrapharm is a team of professionals ready to conquer any peak!