Astrapharm celebrates its 18th anniversary!

This year the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm celebrates its 18th anniversary!

Over the years of its successful activity, Astrapharm has passed a long way from a small enterprise to a national company, whose work provides thousands of Ukrainians with certified, effective and affordable medicines.

Today Astrapharm is a company that constantly develops, patents and produces new drugs and dietary supplements of high quality. It is a company with a team of professionals that daily reinforce consumer confidence with their tireless and hard work.

18 years of work of the company Astrapharm prove that if you set a high and noble goal, you can certainly achieve it and become one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges that the coronavirus pandemic posed in front of all pharmaceutical companies, Astrapharm had been confidently moving forward towards its goals and producing medicines that help people overcome painful symptoms of diseases and recover faster.

Astrapharm – the art of helping people!