Astrafarm sent a new shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukrainians

Astrapharm is no longer just a national pharmaceutical company. We are a team of professionals striving to help Ukrainians maintain their health in the most difficult times. For us, being part of the country’s pharmaceutical defense means: • produce quality medicines; • make sure that all citizens have the opportunity to purchase them at the […]

Congratulations to our heroes in white coats

We express our warmest words of gratitude to the representatives of the world’s most humane profession, those who sparing no effort and time take upon themselves the heavy burden of human pain and suffering, protecting the most valuable thing a person has – his life. After all, the health of the nation is a basic […]

The company continues its work under martial law

Astrapharm continues to do with love what we do best – to produce high-quality and affordable medicines for every Ukrainian 💛💙 Every day: ☑ we produce the most necessary drugs and dietary supplements according to all technological conditions; ☑ we pack finished products; ☑ We ship medicines so that you can find them in pharmacies […]

A balanced combination for heart health – Taucard

In conditions of war, accumulated stress can lead to overstrain of the cardiovascular system. Because of this, people feel a rapid heartbeat, there are complaints of high blood pressure and sleep disturbances. With concern for the health of such patients, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm produces a balanced dietary supplement for the heart – Taukard. Herbal […]

Astrapharm donates medicines to charitable organizations

Since the first hours of military aggression, the pharmaceutical company Astrapharm has been handing over vital medicines to medical institutions, charitable foundations, the army, volunteers and city residents. Our medicines have already been received free of charge by the NGO “HOUR OF SPRAV”, the “Help” Charitable Foundation, the “GROFA Charitable Foundation”, the “Mitsna Nadiya” volunteer […]

We are 19 years old!

Today Astrapharm celebrates 19 years of caring for the most valuable thing – your health 💙 Every year we set ambitious goals for ourselves, reach new heights and make quality medicines affordable for every Ukrainian! In wartime, we have proven that we can overcome even the most difficult challenges, so in the new year we […]

How to find the necessary medicines during the war: tips from Astrapharm

Due to increased demand and reduced production in factories, it can be difficult for consumers to find the right medicine. Where to go if you need medicines? ➡️ The resource will help you quickly check the availability of medicines: The service displays only up-to-date data from pharmacies throughout Ukraine. ➡️ The contact center […]

The Ministry of Health urges Ukrainians to focus on the active ingredient of drugs, and not on the brand when buying medicines

The Ministry of Health urges Ukrainians to buy drugs based on their active ingredient and availability in pharmacies, and not on the trade name of the drug. This is due to the fact that the drugs of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers are of the same quality, because they undergo state registration and have registration certificates. […]

We work for victory!

The general state of the pharmaceutical market under war. In a state of war, it is critical to ensure the proper and continuous functioning of the business entities involved in the production of medicines. Thanks to the maximum cohesion of Ukrainians, volunteer organizations and eterprises, continuous work has been established. The State Medical Service reports: […]

Month of Unity!

Month of War! For a month our brave soldiers have been defending Ukraine! Month of Unity! The dream of every Ukrainian is to have a blue and yellow flag of majors under a peaceful sky. Our heroes work despite the danger, because it is important to defend the pharmaceutical front of Ukraine We continue to […]

ZeZink – counteracting disorders of smell and taste

February 27 marks a special event – Anosmia Awareness Day. It was first announced in 2012 by Daniel Shane, an American with olfactory dysfunction, and aims to raise people’s awareness of the causes, prevention and treatment of diseases that can lead to anosmia. Anosmia is a loss of smell that is temporary or permanent. In […]

Novelty for improving sleep quality – Melatonin Max

The skyrocketing number of problems associated with sleep disorders is causing worldwide concern. Poor sleep leads to physical and emotional exhaustion: performance decreases, mood, concentration and quality of life worsen. In addition, insomnia can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. That is why in 2022 Astrapharm expanded its portfolio of dietary supplements […]

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